WeP-eRM has a range of Document Technology Services for long-term retention of electronic records that can improve business efficiency and processes
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Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Audit, Secretarial & Consulting firms, BPO Firms, Heavy Industries, Universities & Educational institutions, Aviation
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WeP-eRM helps organisations prior to the procurement process itself, because we understand that most organizations ...
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Welcome to eRM Solutions

In defining "e-Archive" within the IT industry, there has never been a clear agreement. For many, it was a simple process of scanning paper records to TIFF, JPG or normal PDF to enable their systems maintain a certain level of performance. But in today's business world this approach is not enough. A more sophisticated approach to e-Archive must be taken-one that entails long-term access guarantee and legality to meet compliance and management requirements.

eRM is The Document Technology Company that focuses on such e-Archiving needs for its customers. Owned by WeP Solutions Ltd (USD 60 million company) and managed by professionals with wide range of document solutions expertise, the company operates across India with the principal objective of providing PDF/A - the ISO 19005-1:2005 standard file format solutions for long-term preservation of e-Archives.

eRM Solutions & Services

  • Records Digitizing Solution - PDF/A with Legal Hold Compliance
  • Migration Solution - TIFF, JPG, PDF and other Legacy Images to PDF/A
  • Alfresco CE Implementation for Records Management Compliance
  • Alfresco CE Implementation for Document Workflow Management
  • Data Scrubbing & Error Correction in Legacy Document Management Systems
  • Developing eBooks from Paper Records & Manuals for cross platform usage

Question and Answers

In effect, the company was born out of the intrapreneurial work culture in Wipro. The business idea of incubating a peripherals business started in year 1988, and the rapid growth in the 90s, of the peripherals business and market leadership, culminated in forming an independent company in year 2000.
In year 2000, Wipro e Peripherals was formed, when an employee buyout happened of the Peripherals business internally within Wipro. Mr Ram Agarwal, then President of Wipro Peripherals along with the employees of WP, bought out a significant stake of Wipro and an independent company was formed with an objective for focused market development and bring out cutting edge technology led products in the peripherals space. Wipro e Peripherals became WeP Peripherals Ltd in year 2002. Wipro today, owns about 15% of the company and is a financial shareholder, while the rest is owned by Mr Agarwal and the employees of WeP & Wipro, ex-employees of WeP and Wipro. The company is independently managed by a board of governors, led by the Chairman and MD, R N Agarwal. Day to day operations are led by a CEO, and business and operations heads.
WeP-eRM helps organisations prior to the procurement process itself, because we understand that most organizations don't have internal staff or the expertise to perform all of the steps indicated below towards implementing the right kind of Electronic Records Management System. We have qualified consultants who can make this process easier for you and will also implement a world class system based on Alfresco CE - an open source document management initiative.
ePaper Capture software application provides for imaging workflows and conversion of image files (TIFF/JPG) to PDF/A as defined by ISO 19005-1:2005. eRM Solutions developers have also applied and refined several years of real-world knowledge and experience to develop the Legal Hold (LH) process into a workflow software suite to also deliver PDF/A to Open Source AlfrescoTM CE document management system.